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Castlemaine Podiatry - your experienced local podiatrist's, offering a high level of professional service and care to all members of the family.

General Footcare


Corns, Callous and long toenails can be painful and debilitating. Regular treatment, along with footwear advice can allow you to lead an active healthy life.

Diabetic Footcare


Diabetes can affect circulation and sensation particularly in the periphery (feet). An annual foot assessment with our up-to-date equipment at Castlemaine Podiatry will help detect any early changes – prior to them becoming a problem. 

Julie Hallett-Odgers


Julie has worked continuously as a podiatrist since 1981. She has worked in private practice and hospitals and understands the complex care that many patients require.

Julie is experienced in dealing with all footcare and ankle issues associated with the very young to the very "mature".



Jody Richards


Is an expreienced Podiatrist who has been practicing in Castlemaine for over 20 years.

Jody treats the whole family and has a special interest in Children's feet, along with sports injuries of the foot and lower leg.

Patient Story:


“I have been seeing Julie for my footcare for some years and the treatment has been very positive and helped other issues as well. As it did for my husband who was a returned service man. As my husband is deceased now this service is free for myself and all war widows.”



Orthotic Therapy


At Castlemaine Podiatry we can prescribe both custom made and pre-fabricated (off the shelf) orthoses. After a thorough gait analysis we can prescribe an orthotic that will suit your biomechanical &/or injury needs. 

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