We offer a full range of footcare services from Professional Advice to in-depth assessments of your feet. Your feet do a lot of work and looking after them can prevent most problems


Diabetes can affect your feet and to avoid problems our Podiatrists will be able to advise you how to look after them.  Hygienic cutting of toenails, removing corns & callous along with checking you blood and nerve supply with our up-to-date equipment are just some of the ways we can minimise the risk of diabetic related foot complications.


Our podiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of lower leg and foot sporting injuries.  We understand that injuries are frustrating no matter if you’re an elite or recreational athlete, so getting you back playing is our number one priority.


Orthotics are devices that are inserted into your shoes and help improve the function of your feet. Our podiatrist are able to prescribe an orthotic to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Involves inserting an acupuncture needle into a trigger point.  This trigger point is a tender spot in a tight band of muscle, the dry needling relaxes the contracted muscle which can take away the pain.


IGTNs are a painful condition when the nail edge grows into the skin. Often conservative treatment can clear this problem but occasionally it does not resolve and needs a small surgical procedure. Our podiatrists are trained to perform nail surgery with the use of local anaesthetic. Tthis can be done in the clinic, where the offending nail edge is sterilised so it never grows back.


Children’s feet are not simply little adult feet, they have their own characteristics and developmental stages.  Our podiatrists are well trained to deal with children’s flat feet, sporting injuries, biomechanics,  developmental issues, warts and ingrown toenails.


Our expert team can provide advice on many conditions, including how to maintain healthy feet. Call today to arrange a time with one of our podiatrists.


Are thickening of the outer layers of the skin that build up as a result of pressure or friction, both can become quite painful if left untreated. Our podiatrists can debride the callous or remove the corn and provide advice on how to minimise the risk of re-occurrence.


Gold Card Holders are eligible for podiatry treatment, all we need is a GP referral every 12 months to activate your care plan. 


Certain chronic medical conditions are eligible for a Medicare rebate (up to 5 podiatry consultations per calendar year).  An Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) must be lodged by your GP to activate their podiatry treatment plan – this is at the sole discretion of the GP. At Castlemaine Podiatry we do NOT bulk bill, our regular consult fee is charged & using Medicare online claiming the rebate should appear in a patients bank account within 48 hours.


An annual vascular assessment can be integral in the management of many medical conditions such as Diabetes.  At Castlemaine Podiatry we are trained to use a Doppler Waveform device and take toe pressures.  When booking an appointment please advise so we allow adequate time.


Has a variety of symptoms and causes, at Castlemaine Podiatry we incorporate the latest research methods into treating you and relieving your painful heel and this may include stretching, taping, ice, massage, dry needling, orthoses, footwear & activity modification.

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